BizTalk – SFTP Adapter – Missing WinSCPNet Library


This guide is applicable to BizTalk Server 2016 with Feature Pack 3 Installed.

Version of WinSCPNet library is different once CU5/FP3 have been installed.

Original BizTalk Server 2016 installation requires 5.7.7.

More info here:

BizTalk Server 2016 Prerequisites:

CU5/FP3 Info:


The Messaging Engine failed to add a receive location “FileSync.SFTP” with URL “s*.*” to the adapter “SFTP”. Reason: “System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly ‘WinSCPnet, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=2271ec4a3c56d0bf’ or one of its dependencies. General Exception (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131500)

How to solve:

  1. Copy the both WinSCP exe and dll (5.13.1) to BizTalk Installation Path (Do not GAC the dll)
    1. WinSCP.exe
    2. WinSCPnet.dll

How to get the exe and dll

  1. Use Nuget in Visual Studio to get the specific version of WinSCP.

Nuget-WinSCP    2.  Once added, just browse to the lib for the dll and tools folder for the .exe





5 thoughts on “BizTalk – SFTP Adapter – Missing WinSCPNet Library

  1. I have 5.13.1 installed in the Biztalk folder and using it to connect to the sftp server manually but I’m still getting the SFTP adapter requires WinSCP to be installed error. Is there a decent commerial alternative that’s properly supported?

  2. No need to install WinSCP, just download and copy the .exe and .dll files from the automation download into BizTalk installation folder:
    BizTalk 2016 RTM-CU4 (including Feature Pack <=CU4) :
    BizTalk 2016 CU5 (including FP3-CU5):

    If WinSCP is installed with other version that may be in GAC and in conflict and preferred by .NET. Uninstall or make sure to have same WinSCP version installed.

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